Little Nation is a Brazilian FOLK-POP duo comprising multi-instrumentalist/composer Henry Jack (a.k.a. Rique Azevedo) and vocalist/songwriter Samille Joker.


    Introduced by a fellow musician who thought the duo would make a good songwriting team, Jack and Joker soon developed a creative musical partnership that has been going strong since 2010. Jack, originally known as producer Rique Azevedo, has had a long career in the music industry, having composed and produced songs for various artists, including all-time favorite Brazilian pop hits “Dig Dig Joy” and “Desperdiçou” recorded by duo Sandy & Júnior. Alongside composing and producing music, Azevedo also worked for Universal Music Brasil as A&R Coordinator in 2010 and was part of the rock band Código B, serving as guitarist for many years until their split in 2013. In partnership with mix engineer João Milliet, who mixed the EP “Just Stay”, Azevedo runs the music production company Cada Instante Produções in Brazil and has produced every Little Nation’s song. Before landing on Little Nation’s folk sound, Joker worked with DJ/producer Fernando Deeplick on an indie electro-pop project called Ain’t No Joke. Working with Deeplick, Joker was one of the names behind “Samba”, from Puerto-Rican singer Ricky Martin’s album Música + Alma + Sexo, and “Fly”, recorded by Brazilian singer Wanessa and American rapper Ja Rule, which was the most played pop song on radio stations across Brazil in 2009, according to Crowley Broadcast Analysis Brasil.

   Taking its moniker from a never released song written by Jack and Joker, Little Nation was formed after many writing sessions which resulted in a number of songs the duo considered too personal to be given to other artists. As part of a songwriting team, Jack and Joker realized there was more to music than just melody and lyrics. “We want Little Nation to be a form of artistic expression that starts with each song and creates different outcomes depending on the listener. It could be a painting, a sculpture, a dance routine, as long as it comes from the feeling the song brings. It all starts with the music.” says Jack.

   After two years of composing, recording and shaping the project, Little Nation readied its first EP, which includes “You Can Have It All”, featured in a 2014 short film presented in Cannes (France) called Closure, and the song that entitles the EP “Just Stay”, which was selected as semifinalist in the international competition Unsigned Only. Since the release of its first album “Hum” in 2016, Little Nation has celebrated great achievements. The song “Unknown”, Hum’s first single, was chosen as soundtrack for Brazilian soap opera “Sol Nascente” (Rede Globo) and granted Little Nation’s second selection as semifinalist in Unsigned Only, being the only track by a Brazilian artist.

   The duo is now working on its second album while performing in theaters throughout Brazil.